ATTENTION: All apps which used to be here were taken down. I will release from now on more new apps. I'm currently on working new stuff, which isn't as crappy as the old ones used to be. For furhter information follow my Twitter.

All apps here are made for the Android OS.
There may comes stuff for Linux and Windows, but not for Apple products as of now.


- Released MCBedrockQuery for Android

With MC:Bedrock Query for Android you can query any server of your desire. The special thing is, it runs by pure java and it's not using any online API, so the query is directly made from the executing device. Visit it's GitHub repository for further information.

Important information

Statement regarding to malicious detections from Play Protect

Google introduced with Play Protect a way, to warn Android Users from installing Apps of other, google-unknown sources. If the developer of the apps is not known by Google, Google will warn their users during the installation (when being still able to abort installation) and the first start after installation of the app with Play Protect of potential malware.

You may also receive a warning on my apps though, since I'm not a google-known developer. I've experienced it myself, when releasing an application that Play Protect does that. I can ensure, that I do not create any malicious applications. Almost all of my public projects is (and will be) open-source, meaning: If you're familiar with development or know a developer, reviewing by it's code its clearly obvious that nothing bad will be done inside my apps.

tl;dr: With this all being said, I wanted to inform you that none of my apps has not malware, virus or other harmful content inside.


28th April 2020

- Changed MCBedrockQuery link to a fixed version

10th April 2020

- Put MCBedrockQuery for Android in this list

09th April 2020

- Entire update of that old mess, more coming soon